About Us

Vaquero Beef Story

We are a family business that was founded by father & son Fernando Vizcarra Sr and Fernando Jr. We have been in the beef industry all of our lives, giving us more than 50 years of experience.

We know exactly where our beef comes from and have certainty that all of our products are as safe as they can be.

We are based in downtown San Diego and have warehouses all around the county where we distribute from. That is how we are able to bring our steaks fast to you!

Why did we start? Recently started Vaquero Beef to connect directly with the consumer. We want to make peoples lives easier by bringing quality products to their home so they can enjoy with their families. We believe that food brings us together and makes us enjoy the small things in life like a great meal with friends & family. Our steaks have been fully inspected by the USDA to make sure that you can receive quality steaks.