How and where do you ship? 


  • We ship each order in an eco-friendly cooler box, which is packed with dry ice to keep the product in a deep frozen state during the entire shipping process.
  • All products will ship on Mondays, Tuesdays. We DO NOT ship over the weekend. Orders placed Wednesday through Sunday will automatically be shipped the following Monday.
  • All orders placed before Noon PST on Thursdays have the option for Overnight shipping and Friday delivery.
  • We cannot deliver orders outside of the continental United States (lower 48), and cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes or A.P.O./F.P.O. addresses. It is important that you provide a complete street address and telephone number for shipping.

How does Vaquero differ from beef at the fresh counter?

  • Consistency: We learned a long time ago that to create the best, most consistent beef the secret is “only freeze it once.” Our process of aging, cutting, then flash freezing every steak, means that every steak is as consistent as possible.

  • Safety: All our beef is cut at the farm meaning that no one else touches your beef it goes direct from the farm to your home. This means that the amount of bacteria on other beef is going to be higher than with ours. The farm is one of the most technologically advanced farms in the world, which is highly focused on food safety.

  • Healthy: Our beef is going to be healthier than most beef offered in the counter. The beef we have is really high in protein and very low in fat. Which means it will be much better for your health without sacrificing the flavor. 
  • Flavor: We have spent a lot of effort in research & development to find the secret of good flavor in beef. We found that it is directly correlated to what the cattle eat. That is why we only feed them with premium grains which makes the flavor absolutely spectacular! 
  •  Fresh counter beef is not bad, but there is generally very little age on the steak cuts. Steaks age as they are on the counter.. what happens is that the flavor and texture/taste changes every day. You also don't know who has been in the process of managing your beef and many times you don't even know from where it is coming from. 

    Where is your family farm? Is there anything special the farm has?

    • Our family farm is located in Mexicali, Mexico. The farm is one of the most technologically advanced farms in the world. It is safer, cleaner and more efficient than most of the farms in North America. For you it means that you can be in peace that every steak you eat from us has been treated with the highest standards of food safety.

    When did the company start?

    • Our family has been in the beef business since 1969 giving us a lot of experience. We decided to build this company during April of 2020, when we saw the necessity that people had on getting nutritious beef delivered to their home. 

    Where do you bring the meat from? 

    • All of the products we offer come from our family farm.

    Can I go to your store and pick up?

    • No, at the moment if you are close to our stores please stay home. We will deliver your steaks to your home.