The Fair Alternative to Premium Brands

Providing the best steaks at fair prices is what we do best.

Your satisfaction is our main priority

How it works

We source.

We only source beef from the best producers. The cattle is raised with the highest standards, which translates to our steaks being of the highest quality available - and thanks to our high standards process, your steaks will be as fresh, pure, and delicious as possible - with up to 94% less bacteria than grocery store meats.

It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality beef from small producers using local grains and being raised to the highest standards, resulting in an incredible flavor.

You choose.

Being part of an industry that makes money from making us feel like we are eating the last steak on earth, we will never dictate trends or tell you which cuts of beef are best for you. Try the steak that ignites your taste buds and make your own rules.

You have total flexibility.

• Do you want our Ribeye, T-bones or Tomahawks? You decide your perfect cuts.
• Bigger boxes or smaller ones?
• Friendly sustainable delivery



We Deliver.

Eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. Your steaks ship flash-frozen for freshness and hand-packed in an eco-friendly box, anywhere in the lower 48 United States.  When your box arrives, just thaw your steaks and fire up the grill! No matter what kind of beef you choose, your steaks are carefully packaged to protect the environment, and your wallet. You'll always win!

Time for a great meal.

Great quality beef and affordable too is the perfect combination for an awesome meal! Getting tasty steaks delivered to your door will reduce your stress and give you more time to sit down and enjoy meals with friends and family without spending a fortune. Either on a pan or on the grill, prepare your steaks however you like it. Time to enjoy! Bon appetit.

Your satisfaction is our main priority

Fair prices, honest steaks, every time.
See what our clients says about their fair experience with fasteak.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Great quality beef and affordable too. We ordered both ribeyes and t-bones. Next time I think we will try the porterhouses. So convenient to be able to plan a party and later that same day a case or two of steaks show up to your front door. Does it get any better than that? The guys are top notch, super friendly and extremely professional.

Brent Starr

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Fast delivery, excellent steak! I've tried another steak delivery service before and while both are great, I think I prefer this one! Steak seems to be fresher/of better quality than of the other service I tried. I recommend Fasteak!

Camila Lopez

Real Reviews from Real Customers


Love their steaks, always tender, fast shipping!

Andrew Jefferson

The Fair Alternative to Premium Brands